KGR INFOTECH provides domain-based processes and business expertise, rather than just process expertise. Our services are not just restricted to leveraging technology, providing & managing non-critical enterprise processes or accounting and payroll outsourcing for organizations. Our services extend beyond this.

Outsourcing services

  • KGR provides complete outsourcing services in the areas of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) for both Salaries and Non-Salaries as far as TDS return filing in time at very competitive price
  • It boasts of a team of professionals who can deliver complete outsourcing for the Fixed Asset Management
  • KGR provides complete Payroll outsourcing services for setting and processing payroll month-after-month in complete compliance with the laws

Consultancy Services

As a Corporate moves from one success to another, it needs an integrated system that goes much beyond the boundaries of its enterprise. The boundaries of the enterprise have shifted and now extend to customers and suppliers who are outside the organization.

KGR offers all its clients the services to integrate it with Business Intelligence to analyze their data. With more sophisticated processing capabilities to sharpen competitive edge, KGR suggests or provides our clients an affordable and adoptable ERP system which can improve and extend their business processes. For many businesses an extended ERP system helps customers offer their suppliers and other trading partners an access to integrated process. Through extended ERP we bring in an electronic interaction of customers, vendors and suppliers in the supply chain aimed at delivering more efficient and effective processes with reduced costs.

Acquisition Advisory Services

KGR INFOTECH is a niche Middle-Market Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services provider on the buy side, with an emphasis on sourcing new investment opportunities for the benefit of private investors and corporate buyers. Our advice is based on an objective analysis of data and free of conflicts of interest. We have initiated and helped facilitate deals for an enviable list of private investors and corporate buyers. Drawing from years of experience working with regulations, our acquisition teams provide to our clients a compliant, efficient, and comprehensive management from project inception till the closeout.

KGR undertakes due diligence exercise of business, legal and financial affairs of the corporate before the acquisition to provide strategic legal advice. This helps our clients seize and maximize the available opportunities and minimizing risks. This also helps our clients to assess business proposals, identify possible legal problems for taking informed corporate decisions and we help them with seamless support in managing their acquisition.

Our professional teams are dedicated to our clients’ success within each phase during the acquisition process. We are dedicated to helping you navigate even the most complex acquisitions and delivering lasting solutions.

Customer Service

Present day Customers are smarter, intelligent and know exactly what they want from customer service. They want good products and better services that are fast and cost effective. A business can remain a leader only if they retain customers and build repeated business. At KGR, we are highly aware of the need, to maintain high quality Service and Service Management capabilities.

As an authorized provider of software solution for many a prestigious Organizations, we have come a long way. KGR INFOTECH boasts of a whopping list of 2000 clients. These prestigious clients have gone onto a success path of astronomical growth in their business career. Thanks to our high quality Service and Service Management capabilities they have chosen customer service rendered by KGR INFOTECH. We have maintained customer loyalty in the highly competitive environment on par with our growth and credit goes to our Customer support team.