Over 5000 Companies have chosen TdsPac, to comply with ever-changing TDS provisions and to save time and efforts. TdsPac, completely automates TDS management from correct deductions to preparation of challans, certificates, quarterly eTDS returns, TdsPac integrates with several accounting software and ERP solutions to directly import deductee details and TDS deductions entries, saving time and efforts. Creation of eTDS file, eTDS correction file and validation through FVU is achieved with a single click. All upgrades are released within 15 days of the changes in law.

Timely Web based Upgrades

Complete TDS Solution Since 1999

Integration with FA/ERP Systems

For 18+ years, Fast Facts has been committed to giving you proven solutions that help automate business processes to save time, eliminate errors and ensure compliance with ever changing statutory provisions.

TdsPac is the Complete Solution

TdsPac is the complete and most comprehensive software to manage the functional aspects of Tax Deduction at Source under the Income Tax Act, 1961

TdsPac gives upgrades via Web

TdsPac is constantly being upgraded for any changes in the law and for better functionality. These upgrades come to you free of cost, via the web at

TdsPac is feature-rich

TdsPac comes with superior feature. Some of these are :
  • Multi company / multi assessment year
  • Computes correct TDS / TCS amount
  • Tracks lower rate and threshold limits
  • Auto generates challans / certificates
  • Auto generates monthly / consolidated certificates
  • Prints Challan 281
  • Prints Certificates 16A / 27D
  • Creates eTDS / eTCS statements 26Q / 27Q / 27EQ
  • Creates eTDS / eTCS correction statements
  • Prints reports for statutory / tax audit purpose
  • Prints transaction listings / summaries
  • An optional module SalTds covers TDS on salaries with - TDS estimation, printing of Form 16 / 16AA / 12B - eTDS statement 24Q, reminders for investment details

TdsPac integrates with FA Software/ERP

One of the outstanding aspects of TdsPac is, its ability to import masters and transactions from your financial accounting software. So you do not have to waste time in duplicating entries. Currently the import option is available for most of the standard financial accounting software available in the market

TdsPac is future-proof

TdsPac is your one time investment in the world of constantly changing provisions of Income Tax Act. So, you do not have to buy a new copy for every Assessment Year. Any change in the Income Tax rate or surcharge / addition of a new section or category within a section, can be easily incorporated by YOU

TdsPac is simple yet sophisticated

TdsPac provides you with a simple user interface and yet takes care of complex and exceptional situations as the following:
  • Handle large volume of data
  • Advanced user management
  • Data integrity checks
  • Auto data backups
  • Sophisticated surplus adjustment module
  • Creation of NIL return
  • Tracking of changes to auto create eTds correction statement
  • Advanced PAN management by PAN queries, auto letters for PAN